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Fully equipped, traditional gym
Fully equipped, traditional gym
Braventis Gym offers fully equipped, traditional gym with a huge selection of free weights:disks, bars, and dumbbells from 2kg up to 70kg. Free weight exercises target your large muscle groups and put the most stress on muscles and stimulate the maximum number of muscle fibers. Research has indicated that free weights provide a better level of strength and balance for individuals who use them. The results of the studies indicated that individuals who performed free-weight exercises had a 58 percent greater strength increase than individuals who performed exercises on resistance-training machines. The benefit of free weights is that they allow movement in several directions and so lend themselves to an enormous variety of exercise & fitness routines. Free weights also use more muscle groups than resistance machines, which tend to isolate specific muscles. You can use a combination in your training session that can use both machines and free weights. In addition, remember, it is not shiny equipment that is going to get you in top shape; it is about using it the right way!

Cardiovascular machines
Cardiovascular machines
Cardiovascular machines including: cycle machines, steppers, grappler, cross trainers,rowing machines and treadmills. The terms cardiovascular exercise, cardio respiratory fitness, and aerobic exercise are synonymous and the centerpiece of physical fitness, weight management, and cardio respiratory (heart and lung) health. The benefits of cardiovascular exercise include decreased cholesterol, decreased body fat, decreased blood pressure, increased lung and heart function and efficiency, and decreased anxiety and tension.

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